Kate Ligler
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Certified Personal Trainer.  

Endurance Coach.  




kate says...

My Philosophy

I’ve read hundreds of training/coaching philosophies circling around aspirational statements and integrated approaches to improved “health and well-being.”  While aspirational looks great on a t-shirt... the ability to grow and adapt professionally as performance research evolves is the true key to ensure that my athletes are receiving the best possible training.  My evolution over the last 13 years in the strength endurance community has settled as the following: 

•  The HEART of the MATTER:  I am an educator and a constant self-learner.  It is my responsibility to learn the limits of my athletes, but challenge them through education and an evidence-based training progression to move safely past them.  Progression is really everything in coaching.

•  THERE IS ALWAYS A BLUE CHIP:  It’s form.  Respect the laws of physiology and acknowledge that each athlete will carry his or her own sack of stones (limitations).

•  IT’S NOT ABOUT EQUIPMENT:  The basis of endurance training is managing mass (bodyweight), not about ropes, rings, kettlebells or the latest fads.

•  EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT:  Persistent athletes will eventually complete a goal.  Consistent athletes will eventually compete for the podium.    



I care about each and every one of my athletes - from their well-being, through their progression, to eventually, their performance.  

I am present.  I am a constant motivator and support system.

I endeavor to learn each and every day for my own personal growth in this space, but more importantly, for the greater good of those athletes who face challenges and limitations.  I may not have all the answers, but I will work within my network of exemplary professionals to provide the best possible support.  

These are my promises.

About Me


For well over a decade, I have specialized in endurance training in both functional strength and conditioning, as well as technical program creation for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and multi-sport endurance athletes.

I am a NASM cPT in addition to a NASM CES (corrective) and PES (performance) specialist.  

I am also an active member of IDEA, as well as a collaborator for the SEN (Strength Endurance Network).    


Balance, Core, Activation, STAMINA - Kato incorporates all body outlets, getting all muscles to THRIVE.
— MBK : Professional Triathlete
I had been consistently injured prior to working with Kate. We took a big step back in my run training in order to rebuild structural instabilities. I’ve since taken 10 steps forward.
— Chris L. : ultrarunner
She’s literally in my business - daily, weekly, on Strava. I am more consistent than I’ve ever been and stronger than I ever thought I’d be.
— Kelly H. : Cyclist
Kate is the absolute best at what she does! She is always creative with her exercise prescriptions which provided new skill sets and overall knowledge enhancement as we progressed.
— Lindsay W. : Multisport Athlete