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This plan includes all of the following:

- Intro Video Assessment (Facetime) 

- 2x Monthly Programming Updates

- 24-7 Custom App Access

- Weekly Workout Challenge


Is this plan right for me?

I would recommend this plan for individuals who want personalized coaching, but are relatively self-sufficient.  Likely, you know your way around a gym, understand the fundamentals of movement, and are looking for a guide to keep your strength training on a forward track.

If you are brand new to strength training, I'd highly recommend the additional 1:1 interaction of the Elite Coaching package.

What's the format?

You will receive a "Day 1" and "Day 2" strength training program, which will be updated bi-weekly.  These workouts will be delivered directly to your mobile device (iPhone/Android) via my app, which is included with this plan.  Workouts will include clear video demonstrations, as well as additional commentary based upon your individualized needs as an athlete.