This is where IT ALL BEGINS


Strength Training

Strength and conditioning is the foundation of all of my programming.  I believe in it more strongly than any other sport-specific workout, any brick off the bike, or any nutrition or supplementation strategies out on the market.  

An effective strength and conditioning program can improve your overall muscular balance, posture, movement economy, power and speed production, AND decrease the likelihood and severity of overuse injuries - commonly plaguing endurance athletes.

A training tool of this magnitude must be the cornerstone upon which sport-specific training it built.

I work with clients both 1:1 and in small group sessions on a daily basis.  I also offer remote strength coaching by leveraging some of the newest technology on the market.  Find my app by clicking through to my friends at Apple.

Individual Program Design

Individual program design for both runners and cyclists is my most advanced offering.  This includes both macro (4-6 weeks) and micro (detailed daily workouts) programming and requires a significant commitment from the athlete.  

Clients will also receive detailed strength and conditioning guidance in collaboration with sport-specific, and goal/event-focused training.   

Performance Testing

I perform both gait analysis and lactate threshold testing (cyclists and runners) by appointment. Clients receive both the assessment and a detailed performance analysis immediately following the test(s).