Huge Gains Start with Small Steps.

Change your tape.  Then, press play.  

Accept that huge gains start with small steps.  Tidy your eating habits.  Make sure you are internally healthy.  Ensure that you move well.  Now, for real, clean up your diet.  Gradually implement small doses of intensity within low intensity activity. Set your first goal, which is one small step forward from your starting point.  Build measurably and predictably and ask for HELP if you’re not.  Make time for you – it’s there, I promise, just put social media in the back seat for a few weeks.  Stop “dieting” and learn “nutrition.”  Integrate a workout partner or support network within your routine.  Begin “training” – accept that regular movement, good nutrition, and predictable sleep is a better version of you.   Learn that you can get comfortable being just a little uncomfortable.  Achieve your first goal.  Set a second goal – one, small step forward from that which you just achieved.  Eat, sleep, train, repeat. 

You’ve got this. 

Kate Ligler